Clerkship FAQs

Clerkship FAQs

Clerkship Applications

What documentation is required to apply for training privileges?
The completed GME application is the only document required for review. Specific programs may request additional information. The department will notify you. Handwritten and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Your application must provide the specific dates of your request. We cannot process applications without the exact dates. Please keep in mind our clerkships are generally (4) weeks in duration.

When should I apply for training privileges?
Clerkship requests are assigned by the academic calendar year (July-June). Requests for clerkships for the following academic year are accepted after May. We encourage students to request clerkships as far in advance as possible to allow enough time for their school/program to gather and submit the required paperwork in an effort to meet the two week deadline prior to arrival.

When will I know my request was approved?
Please allow 7-10 business days for review. You will be notified of the status of your application via email.

Are International Medical Graduates permitted to apply for clerkship training?
No. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited medical school or residency training program in the U.S. and/or Canada.

What are the fees for clerkships?
There are no fees to schedule clerkships through the AdventHealth Orlando GME office.

Where should I send the application?
AdventHealth Orlando Graduate Medical Education
Attn: GME Clerkship Coordinator
2501 North Orange Avenue, Suite 235, Box 38
Orlando, FL 32804

Where should I send the required documentation?
AdventHealth Orlando Graduate Medical Education
Attn: GME Clerkship Coordinator
2501 North Orange Avenue, Suite 235, Box 38
Orlando, FL 32804

Can you tell me if there are any openings?
The GME office does not maintain clerkship schedules for individual programs. We are unable to determine availability at any given time. If you are interested in a rotation, we encourage you to submit a complete application for the dates of your request.

What happens if the dates of my request are not available?
In most cases the faculty coordinator will try to accommodate the dates, If the schedule is filled, he/or she may offer alternate dates for your consideration.

When should I submit required documentation?
The complete list of required documents should be forwarded to the GME office as soon after you have received you approval and no later than two weeks prior to the start date of your arrival. You will not receive the final confirmation until your file is complete. Failure to submit all documentation will result in the cancellation of the clerkship.

Computer Access

When should I complete the Computer Access Agreement Form?
The form must be completed and submitted with the list of required documents two weeks prior to your arrival.

When should I complete the Computer Based Learning modules?
The CBL modules must be completed before or on the day of orientation. Students will not be granted computer access until they have submitted their transcripts to the GME Clerkship Coordinator.


My clerkship request was approved for the AdventHealth Orlando East Orlando or Winter Park campus, will I attend orientation there?
No. Orientation for all Medical Students, visiting Residents, Fellow and Nurse Practitioners is held at the AdventHealth Orlando location. Orientation takes place every Monday morning at 8:30 A.M. Approved clerkships are scheduled to begin Monday mornings unless specified dates have been coordinated with the preceptor in advance.
Orientation site location:
AdventHealth Orlando (Medical Plaza)
2501 North Orange Avenue, Suite 235
Orlando, Florida 32804

Where should I park when I arrive for orientation?
Parking is available for medical students and visiting residents in the King Street Parking Garage. Main entrance of the garage is located at the intersection of King Street and North Orange Avenue. Take parking garage elevator to the third floor. Follow the signs to the Florida Medical Plaza. Take the North tower elevator to the Graduate Medical Education Department on the second floor, Suite 235.

Observation/Job Shadowing

In support of our commitment to career development, education and training of healthcare professionals, we provide individuals with observation experiences throughout our hospital. To be considered for observership or job shadowing, complete the Application to Observe and/or contact the Human Resources department at a AdventHealth Orlando near you.